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If you are an Indian Nurse – ANM, GNM, BSc or MSc and you want to work abroad, then this is the opportunity of a lifetime to work with best of the facilities in one of the best countries of the world! We provide Indian Nurses the opportunity to enhance their careers and the requisite pathway(s)

to a job in the Finnish healthcare sector. We together with our Finnish partner provide the required training programs for Indian nurses to get ready for a job in Finland.


Indian Nurse | Educational Qualifications - ANM, GNM, BSc, MSc


Language Training (Finnish) | Documentation | Clearance of tests as per Timelines

Cost/EMI Option

Easy Financing Options (up to 24/36 months)


Why Choose APT?


  • Finland has been ranked, the most stable, the safest and the best-governed country in the world. It was also the third wealthiest, the third least corrupt, the second most socially progressive and the third most socially just.

    Its police the most trusted, its banks the soundest, its companies the second most ethical, its elections the second freest, and its citizens enjoy the highest levels of personal freedom, choice, and wellbeing.

    Finland is a country where living standards are high, education and healthcare are free for all residents, and the work-life balance is healthy.

    Finland is a good place to raise your family. Finland has been a trendsetter in many fields, and it scores consistently well on international ratings for education, public safety, and freedom. Finland was also named as the “Happiest Country in the World”.

  • Opportunities for nursing professionals and assisting staff are currently immense in Finland. The high-quality public healthcare system covers the entire population regardless of their employment or wealth. This is enhanced by a private healthcare sector which offers individuals the freedom of choice.

  • The current eligibility requirements are:

    • Any Indian Govt. recognized nursing degree – ANM/ GNM/ B.Sc. / Post Basic B.Sc. or higher.
    • 1-5 years of work experience is beneficial for application in terms of higher financial rewards.
    • Final Year Nursing students can also apply subject to clearance in the interviews.
    • A requisite certification in the FINNISH Language as per levels are required.
  • One must clear basic level of language while getting trained in India and then intermediate level while on the job in Finland.

    TRAINING IN INDIA: BASIC level of FINNISH language i.e., A2.1, and you will be able to

    • use the language in simple non-work-related situations,
    • write a little and
    • use the language to run the most common errands.

    TRAINING IN FINLAND: INTERMEDIATE level of FINNISH language i.e., B1, and you will be able to

    • moderate language skills in day-to-day work and leisure situations and
    • a fluent grasp of language in day-to-day work and leisure situations
  • The starting salary will be

    • € 1,800 minimum per month which at the current exchange rate of ₹ 88.00 translates to aminimum of ₹ 1,58,000 per month** at a CAREGIVER level.
    • € 2,200 minimum per month which at the current exchange rate of ₹ 88.00 translates to a minimum of ₹ 1,93,000 per month for a PN Level Nurse
    • € 2,800 minimum per month which at the current exchange rate of ₹ 88.00 translates to a minimum of ₹ 2,46,000 per month for a RN Level Nurse
    • In addition to regular salary, there is weekday/ weekend-based overtime earning which is more than 120% of the basic hourly pay.
  • From the time you register and depending on your choice basis your education, it can take anywhere from 5 to 9 months to reach Finland and additional 3-10 months to start working as a PN/RN

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