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5 Things to Include in your Marketing Strategy for Medical devices

Create an integrated marketing strategy for surgical and medical devices.

Medical device companies play an important role to support the healthcare industry and help feed into technological advancements that the field requires to improve services and make medical services accessible to more people. Medical device companies have traditionally relied on trade shows, medical publications and door-to-door marketing to showcase and publicize the latest instruments and medical devices, as well as, developments in medical and surgical device innovation.

As with all marketing, medical device companies also need to adopt a strategy for integrated marketing for medical devices in order to bring awareness and educate the medical fraternity about the latest 

These are things to include in your integrated marketing strategy for medical devices:

Don’t forget the Distributors

In creating a strategy for marketing, one always thinks of the end-user – the doctors or health practitioners that would be using your surgical or medical devices. However, it is important to also include a B2B marketing strategy that targets the distributors. The distributors are an important cog in the wheel where they maintain a closer ground understanding of each healthcare institution’s facilities and future plans, and relationships with key decision makers.

Bolster traditional marketing with online targeted marketing

Build online marketing into events you participate in such as trade shows where you know your audience will be searching about the trade show online. Create a targeted campaign that would cover keywords that the audience of the trade show would search for. This boosts your presence at the trade show with people already familiar with your company and products.

Invest in research-based content marketing

Most decision-makers do up to 90% of their research before even contacting the vendor for what they need. So, the conversation with your target audience needs to begin a lot earlier than when they contact you. This would mean putting out relevant and reliable content about your products and useful information that helps decision-makers understand the requirements and impact of the devices you are offering. Integrated marketing of surgical devices has a lot of foundation in this type of content marketing that also includes white papers in reputable medical journals, videos with expert opinions and reviews, demos, case stories, etc.

Include social media in your content marketing strategy

Keep an active and engaged social media that keeps the conversation on innovation, developments and expertise in healthcare and the role of medical devices ongoing. LinkedIn is especially useful for this engagement and adds great value to the brand.

Keep in mind rules and compliances that may apply

Do not forget to check with rules and compliances that may be applicable to marketing information on medical and surgical devices depending on its classification. 

To know more about dedicated marketing strategies for Med Tech Companies or other Healthcare Companies, get in touch with experts from the industry who can help guide you with a complete analysis of your brand’s current positioning and the way forward. At Aarohan Healthcare Services, we have an inhouse integrated healthcare marketing agency that works with various companies & organisations in the healthcare industry, to deliver comprehensive marketing tactics & achieve the broad marketing objectives defined by the management. Get in touch with us, to know more. 

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