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9 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2023


What is the 1st thing that a person does when they need to look for something? Traditionally, they might ask someone from their close circle and otherwise they might pick up their mobile devices & search online. When it comes to healthcare, this process remains the same & in fact becomes even more crucial, as it may directly affect one’s health & future. 

In such a dynamic space, it helps any healthcare institution to be adept with the latest digital marketing strategies and more, to ensure their presence online, for all relevant users. Healthcare consumers continue to take the quickest routes to high-quality care, which might be problematic for healthcare institutions who don’t adapt to the latest strategies & trends.

This blog outlines the 9 healthcare trends that you need to embrace in 2023 to remain relevant in today’s competitive healthcare marketing sector.

  1. Competition from retail and telehealth disruptors continues to intensify

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a new kind of competitiveness to established healthcare marketing agencies from digital start-ups vying for lucrative niche markets that are less constrained by bureaucracy and insurance rules. Legacy healthcare systems must devise novel ways to satisfy the needs of today’s healthcare customers or else they run the risk of losing their patients to their rivals.

  1. Consumer – first content is essential

Healthcare customers nowadays are smarter than ever, using the internet to investigate clinics, doctors, medications, procedures, and more. Your online content sharing is essential for attracting customers. 

To remain competitive, concentrate on these important audiences:

  1. Patients – Consumers are conducting research online, and their queries are getting more complex. The development of consumer-focused content that satisfies their search intent, responds to their inquiries, and increases brand authority and trust depends on regular keyword monitoring. 
  2. Employee candidates – It is crucial to create transparent recruitment content that explains to potential employees why they should select your company over that of your rivals. 
  1. Beyond patient acquisition: the need for patient engagement

Most healthcare marketing agencies in India only pay attention to new patient acquisition. Patients, meanwhile, desire easier access to care, greater resources, more information. By providing features like online appointment scheduling, SMS messages, in-app messaging, social interaction, etc. you may outperform your competition and increase patient engagement.

  1. Multigenerational and multicultural marketing continues to gain momentum

A personalized patient experience and more humanized care are the benefits of organizing operations around specific generational, cultural, or LGBTQ+ needs. A Healthcare marketing agency can develop internal operations, material, and campaigns to help them after having a deeper understanding of their needs.

  1. Website user experience controls patient volume

Here are four strategies to enhance the user experience on your medical website: 

  1. A well-organized website
  2. Usability on all devices and swiftly loading websites
  3. High-ranking SERPs for pages using SEO optimization
  1. Integrated marketing campaigns remain popular

Consumers in the healthcare industry continue to want seamless, hyper-relevant brand experiences across all digital and traditional channels. Building consumer trust and boosting the efficiency of your marketing campaigns requires delivering a consistent set of branded content across all consumer touchpoints.

  1. SEO practices continue to mature

There is much more to SEO than simply including keywords on your website. Putting emphasis on content that responds to search intent is essential for enhancing user experience and raising your SERP ranking. 

  1. Social proof is digital currency

With a wide selection of patient evaluations, testimonials, and success stories, you can draw in more clients and foster confidence. Encourage patients to give feedback after each visit using an in-office kiosk or a follow-up email

  1. Medicare advantage grows to unprecedented heights

Medicare Advantage membership growth is still increasing because of cheaper out-of-pocket expenses, and higher-quality medical treatment. Both providers and insurers are making a strong effort to draw and keep Medicare beneficiaries. 


In the modern world, only constant change is certain. In the upcoming year, we urge all organizations in the healthcare industry to run with passion and vision. It’s time to stop thinking, “But this is how we’ve always done things,” so you can innovate, compete with companies who are disrupting the healthcare industry, and move on. At Aarohan Healthcare Services, we have an in-house, dedicated healthcare marketing agency – Bhaav; that can help service your marketing requirements & propel your company’s growth even further. Read to know more about why you should engage with a healthcare marketing company, and how you can choose the perfect one for you.

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