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A Strategic Talent Partner: Need of the Hour

Recently, I was at a position where I had to evaluate the situation of the recruiting businesses. I was amazed by the job portals operating in the market. While some of them are using a detailed scale to elaborate candidate profile to the recruiter, some of them were delivering the same results with a comparatively less elaborated scale. Being in the business of talent acquisition, it reminded me how difficult it is for the employers to find the right candidate. On the other hand, this is probably 90% of the job seeker’s story who wishes to start or change the course of their professional journey. Data based business model being successful these days, has its own merits and demerits. A “QUANTITATIVE INPUT” does not guarantee “QUALITY INPUT” and of course the “OUTPUT”. Quality is what every job seeker and employers look for and spend money for.

At Aarohan Placement & Training, we understand that focusing only on recruiting talent like other recruiting partners is not enough. The talent partner firm needs to understand the business as recruiting without a quality check can be risky for the partner’s employers and cost them heavily. We understand that being strategic talent partners, we have the responsibility of building the workforce of an organisation. To build anything, one should be well-versed with the nerves of the sector and be aware of its current operations. We understand that expanding teams, adding a new function always has a certain impact on an organization. Ever wondered why the CEO is always the best recruiter in any organization? This is because the CEO understands what is currently happening across the business and where they are headed.

Becoming a true strategic talent partner isn’t something that I learned overnight. For me, it took a lot of hard lessons that I could only gain from experience and is something I am constantly working on. For those of you who feel like you are constantly spinning your wheels, and perhaps not adding the value you would like or who simply want to become stronger talent partners, I would like to share a few tips from the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

A great talent partner will understand your organisation’s key objectives behind the specific teams you are recruiting for. Before we start to recruit for an organisation, we take the time to understand the strategies they are implementing to accomplish their objectives. While most recruiting companies don’t make an effort to clarify what their clients are looking for and miss the objectives. This small habit helps us to understand the business better, from inside out. Keeping all this in mind & relating our strategies to current scenario, we bring the right answers to both job seekers & job givers.

Starting from the very beginning, when a profile is fed into our system, we do a profile analysis with the help of screening measures like tests, MCQ’s – both psychological & skill-based to give a fair idea to the seeker and employer in the later stages. A Stringent profile input criteria is needed to segregate seekers who are serious and have come with the right intent. 

Any need for training in order to polish skills should be the prerogative of the seeker as it enhances his/her skills & knowledge. The recruiter benefits from this in the sense that paying for the training/ upskilling the new joinee as per its requirement will obviously be a cost-effective solution when hiring low CTC seekers. Further, investing on upskilling will only result in enhancing customer experience and adding delight to the employer-employee work relationship. Our data-driven and strategically planned system plays the biggest role but in this case, it enables the aspirations and works as per the requirements and does not dictate the results.    

Sounds aspirational and on the onset, it seems tough but yes with APT, we aim to achieve that goal. But how and why? The answer lies in the cumulative 100+ years of experience, deep understanding of the industry, subject matter experts, and a will to make a difference by way of giving back to the industry that now the world knows is becoming a synonym to healthcare warriors. With the world moving towards skill-based employment and perks, we might as well put our knowledge and networking into use and give the seekers and employers value for money and satisfaction. 

After all, the end goal for all of us is “Customer Satisfaction”. 

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