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Hiring remote workforce with industry experts!

We are living in this post-pandemic era where businesses have now chosen to adopt the culture of remote working. The pandemic only made us further realise that even basic medical facilities can be provided via remote services to a certain extent. This trend of remote working has brought several organisations pan-India to remote workforce hiring. The core focus of hiring a good or efficient remote workforce is to attract competent & responsible working candidates. But this is not an easy task, especially in healthcare. 

The traditional ways of vetting candidates will not work while recruiting a remote workforce. The new trend of remote working requires a different recruitment strategy and screening process. Here are some tips by experts from our healthcare placement agency or unit – Aarohan Placement & Training. 

Provide a Versatile Workplace

You must consider the fact that hiring remote workforce means employees may work as per different schedules. So, you must mention in your job description that your place encourages employee’s work schedule flexibility. The JD prepared by your healthcare placement agency should convey the entire picture of flexibility before the candidates. Work-life balance has become an important factor in every employee’s life and your remote job offer must comply with that. 

Know Your Requirements

Brainstorm with your higher managers to know the ideal scales to screen candidates. Before posting for the vacancy, understand the attributes needed. The needs can vary for each organization; hence, you should compile a list of the requirement after the discussions. Ideal remote workforce is always self-sufficient, results-driven, multi-tasker and a skilled communicator.

Developing an Employer Brand

A good employer reputation helps in attracting good workforce. And while hiring remotely, make sure that the digital media project a positive image for your brand to the potential candidates. Make your digital presence trustworthy, professional, and culturally relevant. The best way to do this is by fetching favourable reviews from past employees. Request them to post favourable comments on your social media handles such as Google or glass door. This is important because a remote workforce always tend to look at recruiters’ online profiles. 

Interviewing remote workers

To adequately screen remote workforce and asses their performance, try new digital ways. You must use a combination of diverse strategies to interpret different aspect of candidate’s personality. Once the arduous screening procedures are done, professional healthcare placement services can be rendered to conduct remote interviews with each shortlisted candidate. This helps to evaluate the candidates’ work ethics, cultural values, and personal attributes. 

Prepare yourself

Just like the candidates, interviewers also need to prepare themselves before taking the interview. The most important part of remote hiring is the interview process. You must use this final opportunity to analyze the remote applicants and interview structure plays a crucial role in it. 

Need help with remote workforce hiring? At Aarohan Placement & Training, a unit at Aarohan Healthcare Services, we offer quality hiring services and screening the best candidates as per your given attribute. Our experts have years of experience in hiring a healthcare workforce and thus have the best techniques to screen the right candidates.  

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