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How to create an effective pharmaceutical marketing strategy in 2023

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed how pharmaceutical companies engage with their customers and distribute their products: customers are becoming more informed and proactive, and companies are having to adjust to a world that is increasingly dominated by digital technology.

It’s critical for firms to assess their digital communications and value delivery considering these various trends. To compete in 2023, having a clear, consistent, and integrated marketing plan will be essential. Even though businesses in a variety of industries can use a variety of strategic marketing models, frameworks, and strategies, it is important to first recognize the main trends in the pharma industry that will guide your integrated marketing for the pharmaceutical sector.

  1. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on content marketing

While there is little doubt that the pandemic is the main trend affecting the pharmaceuticals industry, it is nevertheless important to consider how it has affected marketing. The pandemic has prompted many pharmaceutical businesses to go online and given them new ways to interact with clients. Knowing the customer/patient information journey and how to connect with them at various phases has never been more crucial.

  1. The consumerization of healthcare

Customers of pharmaceuticals desire the same level of healthcare that they receive from other firms. We now have access to new information and service levels that were not available ten to fifteen years ago because of the presence of tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. Since our expectations of other businesses have been influenced by this, marketers must put their customers first when creating their campaigns.

  1. Enhancing consumer engagement

Engaging and keeping clients in the healthcare industry is essential due to the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the consumerization of healthcare. To develop a consistent view of the customer across numerous touchpoints, including targeting, segmentation, and performance management, pharma businesses must evaluate and invest in platforms that they can use.

4.  Create a winning pharma marketing strategy

Knowing where to begin is frequently the biggest obstacle to developing a successful marketing strategy. The simpler version was developed for this: Opportunity > Strategy > Action (OSA). Pharmaceutical marketing leaders who want to examine and strengthen their marketing strategy should start with Opportunity, Strategy, Action. This straightforward three-step process equips marketers to adjust and respond to internal and external factors influencing the lifecycles of their clients which can be applied to develop an efficient pharmaceutical marketing plan to assist bring this further to life.

4.1 Opportunity

By assessing your data and establishing future goals, you can assess the present contribution of marketing channels. You can see the overall picture of the situation and where to focus your subsequent research thanks to the consumerization of healthcare. You can also identify online demand using situation analysis and goal setting.

4.2 Strategy

You must establish a strategy for how you will get there and the tactics you will employ for client acquisition, conversion, and customer retention if you have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. You can establish priorities and resources to accomplish goals using strategy and tactics.

4.3 Action

This step is when you will create an action plan using your goals and strategy. The next stage is to identify the metrics and KPIs to gauge success after you’ve decided on the essential actions. You can manage agile optimization and implementation with actions and controls.


For those who are looking at building comprehensive strategies in pharma/healthcare marketing or are wondering about the next steps to be taken for while developing your marketing plans, get in touch with a dedicated healthcare marketing agency, to guide you through this business. With the help of their specialized services, your marketing efforts can be streamlined so that you can concentrate on the patient customer journeys by using a practical, data-driven approach. To know more about the various solutions we offer, check out our website.

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