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How to use Hospital Marketing to Attract Affluent Customers

Affluent consumers usually do not care to pay a big price for luxury goods but when it comes to healthcare, the bias is ever visible. The expectation is that insurance services will cover all the expenses, although this does not happen in most of the cases. Despite the bias, the consumers often pay larger amounts for healthcare products & services, but this is just one part of the equation. Also, when they pay a high price, they expect a highly personalized experience. So, how are you going to let them know that you are the one they can count on. Here are a few tips often recognised by the best marketing agencies for hospitals in India.

Understand your affluent consumer

The first step to attract affluent patients is, creating an ideal consumer persona for your exclusive medical products and services. To do so, your marketing team needs to define the features and benefits of your services that will impact your reach. You need to consider the following things while developing affluent consumer personas:

  • Age and gender
  • Education
  • Occupation and income 
  • Their net worth
  • Family and ethnic background
  • Geographic location
  • Medical purchase habits
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Value for money

A high-end, responsive, on-brand website is important

Design of the website plays a big role in creating brand’s credibility consumer’s mind. A professional marketing agency for healthcare uses these few website must-haves to attract affluent consumers:

  • An elegant colour schemes
  • Elite, elegance, and classy fonts
  • Fascinating calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Engaging visual content such as infographics or videos
  • Responsive web design that functions well on all types of devices
  • High-quality error-free content with higher relevancy 
  • Shorter possible loading time
  • Maintaining consistency across the website and brand

Elite content positioning

In content marketing, words play an important role specially to attract affluent customers. While writing promotional content, social media or sales content, keep your target audiences in mind. Use classy vocabulary, phrases and a strong storyline that they can resonate with. Always remember that emotional appeal works better than rational appeal. A professional marketing agency for hospitals in India dig deeper into emotional needs such as status, pride of ownership, etc. Wrap your content into fascinating layouts that let your products and services stand different from your competitors.

The right social media platform

Social media can play a great role to attract affluent consumers. Social media has revolutionized the way of advertising and changed the persuade affluent audience. You need to understand your consumer persona to locate the right social media platforms they are most likely using. However, according to the best marketing agencies for hospitals in India, 95% of consumer engagement for luxury brands, happen on Instagram.

Be strategic with your pricing.

Affluent consumers are ready to pay more for a medical procedure that isn’t covered by their health insurance. So, the best idea is to develop a premium pricing strategy for such services so that they can resonate with them. 

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