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Why Should Indian Nurses Consider International Opportunities?

In case of emergencies and patient recovery, nurses and doctors are the ones who are the face of the healthcare industry. Specially nurses are the ones who are in direct contact with patients and their attendants. These trained personnel possess the knowledge of the technical functioning of advanced medical devices along with patient care. Nurses learn these essential services in medical colleges, nursing training courses and on-the-job experience.

Nurses progress in their career by up scaling their skills at various levels. A fresher progresses into a beginner’s level nurse with on-the-job training. She/he begins to fill their career graph from there. Once the nurses become experienced, there are many opportunities open for them in the medical field. Experienced nurses are the quick responders in critical situations and deliver the utmost care. These attributes present in nurses are not just celebrated nationally but also internationally. One such country which appreciates these attributes for their healthcare industry is Japan. Japan has opened the doors for Indian nurses to become home caregivers in their country.

This is a fruitful opportunity for nurses in India. This is because it provides them with multiple benefits through international placement. These are as follows.

1: Expansion of knowledge: The nurses get introduced to a different environment where they are trained as per the standard of the country. They learn new techniques to deliver the best patient care. Their skill set becomes internationally polished.

2: Increased career growth: Nurses get a great career boost with international opportunity. Their skill set and salary package get enhanced. Once the nurse chooses to migrate back home, they get better opportunities.

3: Experts in subject matter: The nurses become experts in their subject matter. They learn the skill in multiple languages through a series of exams. Their skill set is challenged more, they get equipped with multi-environment patient care and become subject matter experts.

4: Opportunity to become permanent residents: The nurses can apply for permanent residency as well once they finish their training and on-the-job period. It is  about 3-5 years. Then these nurses become valid for permanent residency.

There are Indian healthcare recruitment agencies who have tie up with the Japanese healthcare recruitment agencies. These agencies look after the nurses’ placement as well as nursing training services over there. Indian nurses can apply for these placement programs after finishing Japanese language course N4 level. Japanese language courses are available online along with other nursing training courses.

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