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Moving towards a Competency-based Interviewing Process

There was an unspoken tension hung in the room. The CEO had called for an unplanned meeting. The nursing head, medical head, training and HR head were all there. They were given less than 12 hours to come prepared on innovative solutions to improve quality of nursing hires. The HR head was sharing his challenges in finding nurses for the high attrition. He was of the opinion that more fresh nurses can be hired to contain the attrition. He spoke about increasing the campus interviews. The nursing head was complaining the problem of nurses leaving within 3 months as they are ill prepared for the kind of work. “Many take advantage of the training provided and move on.” Nursing head reflected. Medical head supported the nursing head that the quality and stability of new hires will have to improve.

CEO thoughtfully asked “Team, is there a way we can improve the quality of hires?’ Turning to the nursing head he asked “How many nurses are involved in interviewing nurses? Will they all interview in a standardized manner?” The team was surprised. Screening tests, face to face interview and interview format were all in place. What else can be done?

Nursing head had come prepared. She told “Standardized and structured process does not exist. It would be highly be beneficial if a set of nurse interviewers can be trained to conduct competency based effective interviews”.

ANS - Nursing Training

A moment from a recently concluded program for Building a Customised Nursing Interview Process at Medanta, Gurgaon

CEO did not take much time to ask the team to find a training partner and execute the plan. He had one last word of advice “Involve those roles with whom the nurses are expected to work with, they know what they want in new hires”.

Seldom heard and sought-after solution. So, a 5 day intervention for preparing a batch of 12 interviewers was designed and delivered. Capability Building for Interviewers (CB4i) – That’s what the program is named. aarohan Nursing Solution offers this unique and immersive workshop. Experience of interviewing thousands of nurses and working with the hospital team results in customized “Nursing Interviewing Process”.

What does it comprise of?

  • Interview of potential interviewers.
  • Interviewer assessment rubric.
  • Workshop to build capabilities.
  • Return demonstration using an assessment criteria.
  • Calibrate by live observations.
  • Customize job descriptions for the selected roles.
  • Customize competencies and competency assessment tools.
  • Standardized interview questions with expected answers as per score.
  • Effective documentation for the interview process.

A search in google on cost of employee attrition gives a range of 16% to 50% of annual salary to replace one employee. Imagine the cost saving even if you reduce attrition by 1-2% ensuring the right hire. That in itself justifies the money spent on this kind of capability building.

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