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Unlock the key to recruiting the best nursing talent for Indian healthcare

Indian hospitals thrive on the calibre of two major professions. First is the level of expertise of the doctors. The second is the quality of the nursing staff. Nurses carry most of the pressure to ensure patient safety, comfort and recovery. They require people skills and educational qualifications, alike. It is fact that there is 1 nurse per 73 Indians, which is not surprising. India is a very densely populated country. The issue is that there is an obvious lack of these very essential professionals in the Indian hospitals.

So, where to find these extremely important and scarce professionals in the healthcare industry? One of the common points for both nurses and hospitals is a medical staff recruitment agency. It is best to go to them if a nurse requires nurse placement services. At the same time it serves as the best option if one is looking for the talented nursing professionals for Indian healthcare. A medical staff recruitment agency is the best place because they have specific screening processes and practices to ensure that quality nursing staff reaches the hospital premises for employment. A hospital can rely on them for recruitment because of this screening process.

The screening processes and practices allow the best nursing recruits to filter through the crowd. The process is noted below.

The screening practices & processes

1. Paper screening done by medical staff recruitment agencies collects all the information on an application. The applicant gives details about educational background, work experience and additional training taken.

2. Phone screening is a precautionary screening process. Recruiters who provide nurse placement services call the candidates to note their speaking skills, know their knowledge of the field and ask about their availability.

3. Medical staff recruitment agencies often recruit from nursing training agencies. This is because nursing is an advanced profession. It requires extra certifications and training. It is easier to assure qualified candidates when these agencies collaborate.

4. Competitive talent acquisition is a focus area for medical staff recruitment services. They conduct a complete skill assessment from their end. The idea is to provide the healthcare brand with talent that has industry knowledge and uphold the name of the brand.

5. These agencies have a more organisation-focused approach. The recruiter at the healthcare brand will have a people’s approach. Candidates sent ahead by the medical staff recruitment agency will match values with the organisation. These agencies screen the candidates for this.

6. A healthcare brand can acquire talent without any barriers through a medical staff recruitment agency. These agencies have tie ups with nursing training agencies, medical colleges and a broad network of all kinds of medical staff. Nurses from all walks of the profession connect with them to know about new opportunities.

Nursing talent acquisition is the most crucial part of running a healthcare organisation. Medical staff are the first contact for patients. The hospital’s fate depends on how they interact. Patients are more likely to be loyal customers and trust the hospital if the quality of nursing and doctor expertise are up to mark.  Patients tend to prefer a hospital when they have a positive experience with the nursing staff. Medical staff recruitment agencies assist in unlocking the key to recruit the best nursing talent for Indian healthcare.

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