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Reshaping Healthcare Marketing for Public Interest

When it comes to healthcare marketing and attracting audiences, not all target audiences understand what you are talking about. At Aarohan Healthcare Services, our prudence is to deliver worthy marketing services to the right audience and spread consumer awareness. This beckons a good measure of consumer understanding. Healthcare as a whole is a tricky industry where you just cannot oversell a service unless the patient is truly in a need of pursuing that. Moreover, to understand healthcare marketing messages, the audiences need a good standard of elementary education which is not available at all levels of the society in this country.

Anyone connected to the healthcare industry or working in this industry has a practical exposure to medical knowledge. The people who are working in this sector have immersed themselves in the healthcare domain setup and thus are familiar with its jargons. However, healthcare marketing itself cannot be focused on attracting insiders rather it is designed to engage public sides. With the new advent in the healthcare domain, the awareness levels have increased a bit, but it is not at a level where we industry experts are expecting it to be.

Unlike other business sectors, the healthcare sector has to be more patient-centric rather than revenue centric due to a social responsibility attached to it. In such a scenario, the authorities tend to pull their hands shorter when it comes to marketing investment. Moreover, society expects the healthcare institution to undertake public interest initiatives and that too within a limited budget. All these together make it hard for marketers to advertise healthcare clients in a meaningful yet cost-effective way.

At Aarohan Healthcare Services, our caution is to deliver marketing services along with regarding our responsibilities for the public. One such initiative introduced by us is ‘Real Life Heroes’ which is designed to help people and the hospitals both. This program shapes social heroes who can respond to any emergency in his/her vicinity as the First Responder (FR). The initiative is designed to save most of the lives that our nation loses due to a lack of first medical responses. We have designed it in such a way that it fits every household, society, corporate, and village so that the chain of saving lives can continue unhindered. The heroes or FR trained under this program will acquire basic knowledge & understanding of medical conditions, Do’s and Don’ts, precautionary measures, will be able to identify the right places for the patient to be shifted and finally call for an ambulance or medical help.

Associating with this initiative helps the partner hospital to go closer to the society. It is not a marketing investment, but a way to go inside the society and build a stronger image of trust. It breaks the monotony of traditional marketing by placing a program, shaped for public interest to attract public interest.

Thus, it’s time for the healthcare sector to shift from volume to value with a clear and continuing objective. Now the medical service domain must focus on refining and improving their marketing playbook. For an informed discussion about ways to get ahead with such an initiative that suits public interest and discover a different healthcare marketing, get connected with us.

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