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The Better Way to Hire Nurses – Direct Recruitment or Through an Agency?

We often come across this question; “What is best – A direct hire or going through a nursing recruitment agency?” This is indeed a very important question, and you need to think through carefully before making a decision. This completely weighs on your business objectives and goals, along with the overall advantage of outsourcing such a business process. When it comes to recruitment, if your business is such that it already has a very high attrition rate and turnover in employees; you require professional services by a team who are constantly engaged in finding the right people for you, without you wasting your human resources in the same. While it seems easier to develop one’s own team, it ultimately becomes a bottleneck, as all process are routed through the same handful of people, who may or may not be able to go above and beyond to find the perfect candidates for your business. Outsourcing recruitment brings in 2 obvious advantages: Reduced Costs & Getting the Best Talent; but other than these, we have compiled a list of advantages of hiring a recruitment agency as compared to engaging in direct hires. 

Know Where You Will Go

The best part of associating with nursing recruitment services is that you will have nurses waiting for you. They will have all the needed documentation ready and are screened beforehand to let you hire the best. You will also not have to worry about the contract or retention as the agency will do all these for you. With an agency, you get only screened workforce who are compatible for your healthcare institution. You can also retain them independently once their contract is over with the agency. 

It’s Financially Viable

Imagine what all the resources you will need to hire nurses. You will need recruitment department, HR department, enough resources to conduct interviews, a background screening team and most importantly a lot of time. While when you are associated with a nursing recruitment agency, you straight meet the screened workforce. You don’t need to have a big hiring team to have the workforce on board. If you are located abroad and need nurses from India, then the agency will also help with their visa processing and other related documentations. Yes, sometimes things are too good to be true. 

Support from a Dedicated In-house Team

As mentioned earlier, hiring nurses requires a dedicated team. At Aarohan Healthcare Services, we have a dedicated unit or vertical: Aarohan Placement & Training, that deals in Recruitment & Placements of various medical & non-medical profiles in the healthcare industry, including Nurses! We have a dedicated team of experts who screen the best nurses and specialised caregivers for you. Our selection processes include many phases to screen the most talented and hardworking people. We also train them on corporate values so that they can easily gel into your institution’s environment.  

Opportunity Beyond the Contract

A nursing recruitment agency is the right choice for you want more than a contract nurse. We have a huge data base of special care nurses who are trained to handle special cases. Further we work with nurses for career development to put you in a position to extend the contract if needed.

A Long-Term Investment

At Aarohan Placement & Training, we do not associate with our clients for a day, but we believe in a long-term relationship. It’s part of our mission and core values to provide support to our clients and people throughout their journey. Associating with us means we will help you find the best workforce whenever needed.  

To know more about our nursing recruitment services in India and abroad, get in touch with us. 

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