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The future of the nursing sector holds many possibilities despite the pandemic

The entire healthcare industry, nationally or internationally, agrees that nurses make up an integral part of patient care and recovery. As the healthcare horizons expand, all the more due to the ongoing pandemic, the possibilities of the nursing sector rise too. The current scenario has given us insights into the future, and makes ‘healthcare at home’ a need of the hour. Certain countries have realised the requirement of professional home caregivers more than others. One such country is Japan. The demographic profile of Japan is such that the elderly population exceeds the youth. This increases their requirement for the nursing sector even more. The pandemic has added value to the entire nursing sector. This has also opened doors for Indian nurses to avail career opportunities in East-Asia and Pacific countries, namely Japan and Australia.

The Japanese expats hold the Indian nursing sector in high regard. The nursing sector in India is one of the most reliable in the world. The Japanese value education and skills as much as us Indians do.  Like any other profession, nursing in India also requires a complete professional three or four-year certification course. This way we know our nurses have the skills and the expertise to be professional caregivers. In addition to these, nurses can also take up training courses from nurse training services while they are on the job. These courses help them gain experience certificates and add career growth aspects as well.

This is why Indian healthcare recruitment agencies are now recruiting for Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP). It is an opportunity to work for Japanese companies. This course puts the entire COVID-19 situation in perspective. This course opens doors for zealous youngsters to enter the healthcare industry with ease and excel in their career internationally. It provides a great career path for all those thinking to enter the nursing sector. It also gives an opportunity to these students to get better remunerations in the nursing sector.

There are many employee benefits provided by Japanese companies as well, after the nurses pass the Japanese language training along with certain training from nursing training services. Benefits like: healthcare and insurances, holidays and annual leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, sickness and disability leaves, nursing care leaves, and pension funds. Along with that, housing and food also comes at convenience. The culture barrier does not pose a challenge for the Indian nurses. The indo- Japanese cultures have amalgamated to an extent. The Japanese people see Indian in many job roles and this makes it easier for them to accept Indian foreigners as caregivers.

The Japanese people are keen to make Indians a part of their healthcare industry. It is not of awe since Japanese people believe that Indians form a society that is closest to that of Japanese values. It is the first time Indian healthcare recruitment agencies are seeing that “being an Indian” is of preference in recruitment. It is exciting to see nurses of Indian origin making an impact in the international healthcare industry. Japanese people prefer the Indian touch. They are admiring our caregiving nature, and service intent that adds considerably to patient recovery.

The Japanese expats have given Indians to be a part of their healthcare industry by interacting with the Indian society first-hand. This shows that while many might choose nursing as a profession to earn, the profession in turn chooses you. Resilience, compassion, reliance, empathy and patience are all values that go into being a nurse. These are also the values that we teach our children.

Along with the Japanese companies, Japanese government and the Indian government have joined hands to provide the nursing sector a boost in terms of availability of international doors. Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP) is engaging more and more healthcare recruitment agencies. It is also making way for the nursing sector to develop more and more.

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