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What does the UK’s healthcare worker shortage mean for young professionals in India?

One in ten of the working population is employed by the health and social care sectors together.

This is the current scenario of the UK’s healthcare sector. For a long time, UK has been facing a shortage of healthcare staff. The shortage is predicted to grow larger in the coming years. This could mean serious consequences for the quality of healthcare provided in the UK. One reason is that many people are choosing to retire early. Another reason is that more people are choosing to work outside of the healthcare sector. The UK government has tried to address the shortage by investing in training programs and by increasing the number of nurses and doctors. However, these measures will not be enough to solve the problem completely.

With an increased workload and outdated equipment, the UK’s healthcare system is struggling to find enough practitioners – a problem that’s expected to worsen in the future when the aging population increases. 

Healthcare workers in the UK are facing a big shortage.

The King’s Fund provides data that shows the number of full-time staff in the NHS. There are also around 1.1 million workers in the adult social care sector and 46,000 who work for private health providers. One in ten UK workers are employed in the healthcare industry, and the NHS employs even more people. In contrast to other European nations, the UK has a shortage of doctors and nurses despite its high population. There is one doctor for every 356 persons in the UK. In comparison, there is one doctor for every 277 people in other nations that are comparably developed. Except for doctors, the NHS has fewer healthcare professionals on staff than is usual across the country.

What is in for us?

Well, if you are an aspiring healthcare professional, then you have the golden opportunity to work abroad. The King’s Fund, the Health Foundation, and the Nuffield Trust have recently released papers that show there are currently 100,000 open positions in NHS hospitals, community agencies, and mental health providers. In addition to these, there are 110,000 additional openings in adult social care. According to think groups, if job openings continue on their current course, there will be a startling 250,000 open positions within the next ten years.

How to hire the right candidate?

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The healthcare worker shortage in the U.K. is a topic of great concern. As the population ages and more people require care, it’s becoming harder and harder to find enough qualified individuals to fill these positions. The situation will only become worse in the coming years if the situation continues. Let’s prevent the avoidable. Contact us to hire the best talents from India.

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