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Why do you need a Healthcare Consultant?

For most of my professional career, I used to be suspicious of anyone calling themselves a consultant. I used to hold the much touted view: “a consultant is one who will hire your watch to tell you the time”. Basically a mistrust that consultants are there to tell you what you know – to learn from you – and then tell you the same things back in a fancy presentation.

And then I became a Facility Director in Fortis – equivalent to the CEO of the hospital. It was amazing with the number of management and operational issues that one was juggling with – from Business to P&L to Doctor management to Clinical processes to Customer service to Nursing issues … the list is endless. I had been a CEO before in an FMCG MNC, and one would have thought that is about as hectic as it gets … not true … does not come close to the CEO of a hospital with all the human issues. I have heard the CEO of a hospital is among the top ten most stressful jobs in the world. Now I can attest to that … it’s true!!

There is no time to plan, to try innovations, to try something new – the ideas may be there – but there is no time to think it through and roll it out. Then there is competition, breathing down your neck, with new initiatives and break through pricing. There is the constant need to continue doing what you are doing – doing it better – yet launch new ideas and initiatives.

This is where the seeds for Aarohan Healthcare Services were born. The idea was to create a professional Healthcare Services company that would support the Hospitals and Healthcare companies to deliver value added services to their respective clients – maybe patients, doctors, nurses, CEOs, Marketing heads, HR heads and so on. Being from the industry and having “lived the life” we would be ideally placed to identify and plug the gaps – not just by suggesting solutions, but actually executing them on the ground. The idea was to have services which would help the providers to deliver better value, achieve their best … which would cover all the various touch points in the life cycle or journey of a patient and also the Care providers themselves. After all someone needs to care for those who are responsible to deliver patient care.

When we actually mapped the services and touchpoints that would add value – each of those morphed into our verticals. The objective was to have services that would add value, be important in driving results, need subject matter experts but yet not be the core which the hospital needs to do themselves – hence can be outsourced to a Knowledge and Execution Partner.

The core areas we focus are on a) bringing footfalls into the centre b) help create an experience that will drive repeat usage and positive word of mouth. The first is largely driven by our Marketing verticals Aarohan Marketing Services and BHAAV – our Integrated Marketing Agency focussed on Healthcare. The second is driven by service delivery – processes and training – delivered by our Service verticals Aarohan Nursing Solutions and Aarohan Placement & Training – that ensures a positive and safe experience for the patients, driven by the recruitment of the right staff, their training, ensuring their career path and having the appropriate processes in place.

The third area which falls into Growth, Expansion or Business planning requires a focussed team – Aarohan Consultancy Services – that can understand the situation on the ground, and then suggest and execute on a plan. A key area that requires third party support since the main team tends to be caught up in daily operations.

To keep it simple, we at Aarohan Healthcare Services, would like to be the ones who get a call whenever any Healthcare organisation – whether in the delivery or service areas – has a challenge that needs to be addressed. As mentioned earlier could be anything from Growth to Marketing to Service Delivery to Recruitment to Training. We have the bandwidth internally to solve many of these challenges or atleast connect you to people and organisations that can help. In addition to the core team, we have access to a wide varied group of subject matter experts across all domains for Healthcare – Strategy, Projects, Commissioning, Launch, Growth, Innovations, Supply Chain and more – we have this access through our Advisory Groups and Partners.

Our successful projects vary from helping a group with 12 hospitals across 5 cities to streamline their Marketing processes and return to a growth trajectory; Pre-Launch to Launch to Operations for a standalone hospital in a Tier II town with complete Branding and Marketing – ATL, BTL and TTL; Training the entire middle level Nursing Leadership of a leading 1000 bed hospital to drive their competencies and dashboards; Placing Nurses abroad in Leadership roles and setting up a process and channel for Nurses to work abroad in developed and mature markets; Helping an Impact Fund map the Healthcare market and identify white spots for their investment portfolio; Expansion of a single specialty chain into new geographies with complete Branding and Marketing support; Driving service levels by establishing a Training department and running it till the team could take over; and so many more … all started with a problem statement or a service requirement – but was handled as a project with Strategy, Execution, Processes and Handover to ensure an institutionalisation and “stickiness” to the projects. Changing the culture takes planning, focus and determination in execution.


So the next time you are facing a challenge – we are just a call or coffee away. Speak to us. How can it hurt – we assure you of a solution or a connect to someone who can give you the solution you need. At your prices, at your pace. With the rapid changing environment and new challenges ahead of us for the next few months, we have our lines open – and with a special offer – all our prospects – you do not even have to do business with us – will get access to our relevant online program on COVID and Infection Control.

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