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Aarohan Nursing Solutions (ANS)

We encapsulate an expert input at every step of your value chain, and addresses probable challenges that could have arisen and their respective 360 degree solutions with hand holding through the execution.

We offer essential nurse training courses that help nurses to accelerate their career growth. The courses we provide are designed for both aspiring & experienced nurses. We are multidimensional healthcare service providers with a cumulative experience of over 75 years. Our experts have extensive experience in operating both management & clinical operations of top hospitals, with their vast experience of commissioning new hospitals, setting up nursing solutions and preparing for accreditations.

Our nursing leadership programs are designed to train future nurse leaders who can become experts in handling various healthcare challenges. Supported by industry leaders, our nurse training programs are executed to ensure the best quality. Our infection control nurse program ranks among India¡¯s top infection control programs. Located in Delhi NCR, we offer various online nursing courses that cover a wide variety of topics in different formats. All our courses are tailored to give you the in- depth learning required to pump-up your portfolio in this field. We carry capability in designing immersive learning experiences that ensure a brighter career path for the nurses & nurse leaders.

What We Do

We design programs for:

  • Commissioning Hospitals
  • Setup of Nursing Departments, SOPs, Admins
  • Reports, Dashboards, Quality Indicators
  • Manpower Productivity Tools

We provide nurse staffing services for all levels.

We design and deliver:

  • Mentoring and Coaching of nurse leaders and educators
  • Train the Trainer to ensure sustainability
  • Design and deliver customised administrative and training solutions

We carry the unique experience to build, operate and transfer/run Simulation Labs for medical/nursing colleges and hospitals.

Work Outline

How We Do

No two are alike, we understand and appreciate this; and ensure that we factor this in our suggested solution and execution by way of customisation. Our work flows through the following stages:

  • meet with key stake holders, understand and align their needs with our experience,
  • develop customised content,
  • propose and finalise the approach and solution,
  • design and deliver relevant solutions and
  • measure and report the outcomes.

At every stage we make sure that each expectation is duly addressed and executed so as to facilitate an experiential learning based cohesive environment.

Our Work

Why Us

We are multi-faceted and solution seeking service providers in healthcare that has a cumulative experience of over 75 years in top hospitals from bedside to board room.

The experience ranges from critical care, administration, training and simulation labs. The experience includes commissioning new hospitals, setting up nursing services, standards and preparing for accreditations.

Certified and experienced in simulation labs, we carry capability in designing immersive learning that ensures maximum transfer of knowledge to be ready for present and future challenges.

Case Studies

At Aarohan Nursing Solutions we offer valuable nurse training courses in Delhi NCR, India that help to accelerate career growth for experienced & aspiring nurses. Supported by industry professionals, all our training programs are tailored to ensure the best quality delivery in healthcare and handling related challenges.

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