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Aarohan Placement & Training (APT)

We cater to and deliver all your hospital and medical centre personnel needs by addressing the recruitment problems and providing a 360 degree solution, while also training these individuals according to the norms and methods of the medical fraternity.

At Aarohan Placement & Training, we work to materialise your professional dreams into reality. Supported by highly experienced industry experts, we offer nurse placement services, doctor placement services & placement for other healthcare personnel; for both national & international locations. With our trustworthy medical staff recruitment services we try and ensure that everyone can find the best working opportunities, to advance their careers, both in India and abroad. Our team of professionals, help aspiring & experienced nurses, doctors & healthcare professionals, to achieve success in their careers, while fulfilling their dreams & aspirations.

Associating with a healthcare recruitment agency like us can feed into your international nursing career dreams by also offering Training services that can open the doors to some of the best healthcare job opportunities abroad. Being a medical staff recruitment agency, we specialize in recruiting quality nurses & healthcare workers who can handle the challenges of the healthcare industry, while quickly adapting to the ever-changing environments & scenarios. We are one of the most reputed medical recruitment firms in India supported by industry experts and are committed to providing quality nurse placement services among others. We have collaborations with various international healthcare systems and provide efficient placement solutions for their healthcare organisations. We not only provide staffing solutions but also arrange nurse training services for candidates who are interested to make a big leap in their careers.

What We Do

Providing assistance to hospitals and medical centres in hiring quality personnel which enables their Growth, Profitability and Excellence We train and help in recruitment of healthcare personnel like:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Therapists
  • Management Staff
  • In India and Abroad

Our services are offered to Single Specialty Clinics, Multi-speciality or Super Speciality setups. We also provide assistance in:

  • Mentoring and Coaching the nurses and educators
  • Providing basic and advanced training to the trainers

How We Do

We comprehend to the needs of our clients, ensure the best possible options available and suggest a solution providing a superlative outcome. Our work flows through the following stages:

  • Meet with key stake holders, understand and align their needs with our experience,
  • Recruit desirable candidates, tailored for the inclined positions
  • Train the selected individuals in the norms and ways of the healthcare industry, thus providing them with proper assistance in joining their respective roles with ease
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Why Us

We are the ultimate solution providers in the field of healthcare, operating with individuals, who have been in the industry for more than two decades.

The experience ranges from prolific management skills to hardened administration knowledge providing the penultimate recruitment or placement solutions and training to none.

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