Aarohan Healthcare Services

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At Aarohan Healthcare Services we believe in delivering perfection with excellence. Our expertise finds the gaps in your funnel and fixes them for better business results. Our range of services include Healthcare Consultancy, Healthcare Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Nurse Training and more. We have the best industry leaders of India on-board who help us to deliver proficient services and make our clients achieve higher business goals.


Aarohan Consultancy Services

We work with Healthcare Organisations, existing and new, to drive Growth, Profitability and Excellence; supported by our Subject Matter Experts who have a deep understanding of Healthcare Delivery. Some of our focus areas include Commissioning, Operations, Nursing, Marketing, Quality, Capability Building and Skill Development.
Advisory | Execution | Projects


Aarohan Marketing Services

Our team has the ability to provide Marketing and Branding solutions from Strategy to Conception to Execution, with experts from across healthcare and other industries. We cover the entire lifecycle from pre commissioning to launch to regular operations. Our creative and content team have experts from a wide spectrum of fields including medical experts.
Integrated Marketing Agency | Creative Agency | Digital Agency


Aarohan Nursing Solutions

We provide an expert input at every step of your Value Chain for Nursing from Commissioning a hospital; establishing a well governed Nursing department with customized processes; and Mentoring and Training solutions for Nurse Leaders, Educators and Nurses. Our experts have years of experience in running nursing services, training and simulation skill labs.
Management and Mentoring | Training | Skill Labs


Aarohan Placement and Training

We address all your hospital recruitment problems and provide a 360-degree solution along with training these individuals according to the norms and methods of the medical fraternity. Led by the industry experts, we have secured a strong healthcare database and also have tie-ups with NHS UK & TITP Japan.
Placement | Training


Aarohan Wellness Services

We work with Corporate, International Patients and Individuals across the continuum of Health, Rehabilitation, Wellness and Well-Being Solutions. We have the knowledge and geographic reach to ensure a seamless experience for our Clients (and their Employees), with active facilitation and concierge services.
Corporate Wellness | International Patients | Integrated Rehab


Aarohan Tech Solutions

Given the challenges on delivery, shortage of trained talent and pressure on costs and pricing, we need to move from ‘brick and mortar’ models to Technology enabled solutions that ensure access, standardisation, scalability, productivity, learning and sustainability in the long run, while delivering safe care and patient satisfaction.
Learning | Productivity | Delivery