Aarohan Healthcare Services

Tech Solutions

Aarohan Tech Solutions (ATS)

Integrate learning content, productivity and delivery tools with a variety of other technology enabled and driven systems, ultimately creating an ecosystem that is conducive for one and all.

What We Do

Learning Solutions:

A one-stop training platform with a "HYBRID" approach for overall development of healthcare givers - both organisations and individuals.

Productivity & Efficiency Solutions:

Our Easy to use point of action productivity and efficiency tools to empower nursing, quality and front office departments for collecting data at point of care and get instant dashboards.

Delivery Solutions:

Creating a network of technology enabled data and communication platforms to provide appropriate care where needed. We have solutions for ICU, Ward, Patient and Quality Management.

Our Work

How We Do

“A well trained and engaged healthcare worker can go an extra mile to ensure competent, compassionate and safe care.”

The ultimate goal in building a digital learning ecosystem, building efficiency in the system, and connecting knowledge to where it is needed. We put technology directly into the path of learners, users and beneficiaries wherever they are by way of

  • Connected Users,
  • Digital Micro Content,
  • Smart Delivery System and
  • Analytics engine.

We customise with modern and user friendly technologies that can easily be integrated into your systems like Apps and Digitised Solutions.

Why Us

With our internal and external expertise we develop Technology enabled Healthcare Learning, Productivity and Delivery Solutions that help in achieving the desired

  • Standardisation in terms of training, processes and knowledge through learning and educational Videos and Apps,
  • Scalability by using the right Tools and Dashboards that enable result oriented decision making and
  • Improved Work Economics by sharing knowledge, be it physicians, an administrator, or virtually anything else that helps in reducing the urban-rural divide and delivering best of care by way of technology enabled solutions to every nook and corner of India.

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