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Aarohan Wellness Services (AWS)

We offer advisory and facilitation of customised solutions leading you (and your team) from

What We Do

Corporate Wellness: customised solution for Corporate and their employees from Health Screening, Risk Management and Preventive Health Checks to Disease Management and Hospital Facilitation.

International Patient Services: facilitation of the entire service from pre arrival, arrival, treatment, post treatment, reports and second opinions. We work across multiple hospitals and are driven by the right choice for the patient based on condition and budget.

Wellness & Rehabilitation Services: an initiative serving all from the sick, to those who want to be fit, with ethical advice and services to cater to their unique physical, mental and emotional needs.

Our Work

How We Do

Corporate Wellness:
(yearlong programs for employees)

  • Developing Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screening Programs for the employees,
  • Designing and executing Screening, Preventive, Wellness activities and behavioural modification programs,
  • Implement a reporting matrix, that also measures the ROI from wellness initiatives.

International Patient Services:

Right from Pre arrival consults & suggested line of treatment to Visa invites, Post Treatment, including Rehab if needed and Reports, Second opinions where necessary.

Wellness & Rehabilitation Services:

Why Us

  • Wide Coverage around 30 cities and 100 hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres
  • Competitive rates
  • Assured quality and ethical service
  • Industry experts
  • Second Opinions
  • Employee assistance and engagement programs
  • On-site and off-site facilitation
  • Analytic reports and dashboards
  • Holistic approach with use of alternate therapies
  • Customised lifestyle management programs
  • Curative care facilitation
  • Enabling to bridge the gap between healthcare seeker and provider
  • A structured approach to driving wellness

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