Aarohan Healthcare Services

Case Studies

Train the Trainer - Soft Skills

We created a customised behavioral skills program of 5 days for a 1000 bedded hospital. The Train The Trainer program of 19 staff members included 9 consultants. We further assisted their team in transferring expected behaviors to work place.

Training - Leadership Skills

We have trained over 75 nurse in-charges and supervisors across India for managerial and leadership skills in open training programs. To facilitate transfer of learning the participants were given assignments and projects. These were aimed at improving nursing governance, patient safety and nurse satisfaction.

Mentoring - Nurse Leaders

We are engaged with a group of hospitals which has 900 beds in mentoring their nurse leaders and educators over period of 12 months. On ground changes are being brought about through measurable metrics, data capture and tools. The best practices of nursing administration is being documented in a manual and monitoring mechanisms are in place through above mentioned tools.

Commissioning &
Train the Trainer

We have assisted a 750 bedded hospital overseas in preparing the nursing team for commissioning the hospital. The Nurse Induction Program was created to train the local trainers. The deck of presentations, videos, tests, answer keys, procedural check lists and training results' capture sheet were all handed over to the hospital team.

Training & Coaching - Leadership Skills

We are engaged with a group of hospitals which has over 2000 beds in creating, delivering Nurse Mangers Development Program. We have defined leadership competencies along with measurable outcomes before hand so that the training is aligned to job expectations. The program will not only have the learning content but also have monitoring tools for measuring sustenance and transfer of learning.

Capability Building

We are engaged with a group of hospitals which has over 1000 beds in creating and delivering Nurse Finishing School of 3 months with Training The Trainers over a period of time. The program is being designed to ensure longer engagement with new recruits leading to clear career progression and improve retention. The organisations are being supported to establish themselves as hubs of learning for nurses, thereby attracting talent.