Aarohan Healthcare Services

Our Work

Mentoring, Coaching, Advisory and Leadership

Our Subject Matter Experts work with the nurse leaders over a period of time to:

  • Standardise processes
  • Implement and measure quality and utilisation metrics
  • Implement best practices to drive efficiency and improve retention
  • Training on critical aspects of nursing leadership competencies

Capability Development

1. Train the Trainer on

  • Nurse Induction
  • Customer Centricity
  • Critical Care
  • Customised Training

2. Leadership Development

  • Accelerated Nurse Leadership Program
  • Simulation Based Assessment of nurse leaders and educators/trainers
  • Competency Gap Based training for Nurse Leaders
  • Nurse Leaders Boot Camp
  • Innovative Methodologies of Training for Nurse Educators

3. Soft Skills

  • Customer Centricity – Nurses
  • Customer Centricity – Doctors
  • Customer Centricity – Front office staff
  • Customer Centricity – Other support staff

4. Technical Training

  • Nurse Induction Program
  • Nurse Refresher Course
  • Critical Care Nurse Program
  • Infection Control Nurse Program
  • Quality Nurse Program
  • Customised Speciality Training Programs
  • Product Aligned Trainings for Pharma and Devices Companies

Commissioning of Nursing Department

Our subject matter expert works with resident team in commissioning the hospital by:

  • Training the nursing leadership team in taking over departments through relevant checklists
  • Taking over the department by guiding and support
  • Assisting in developing Nursing Administrative policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with other teams and conduct multidisciplinary mocks on critical process flows to check the readiness for receiving patients

Nursing Management Solutions

Our subject matter expert work with the resident team to

  • Understand the current nursing situation
  • Advise on possible solutions to improve quality and safety of nursing services
  • Provide monitoring tools to implement and monitor good practices
  • Provide identified trainings for nurse leaders

Skills Labs - Build, Operate & Transfer

  • Advise on design and training aids for skill lab
  • Develop Simulation based Course Contents
  • Develop courses for clinicians in collaboration with resident specialists
  • Develop operational policies and procedures
  • Train the resident trainers