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Increasing Patient Footfall: The integrated healthcare marketing way

Unlike other domains, you cannot invite people in the healthcare sector to choose your services. They will only come to your door when they need medical care. On top of that, increasing patient volume has two additional challenges – accommodating more people during busy times and luring more patients in when it isn’t busy. Patient flow is described as the patient’s movement through the clinic while they avail services from any internal resource or through the healthcare systems.

Here are a few tips on how marketing can be leveraged to improve patient in-flow by experts at Aarohan Healthcare Services. There is a completely specialised, in-house unit at Aarohan Healthcare Services by the name of Bhaav, that offers end-to-end solutions as a healthcare marketing agency.

First you need to find answers for these questions:

  • Where are the service bottlenecks? You must look at reasons behind longer waiting times and why doctors are not spending enough time tin examining the patients. 

  • Are my clinical processes built correctly? This is important because you need to have a clear idea on how to handle every situation.

  • Is the team working at full capacity? You need to make sure if your people are using all the tools and facilities you have given to them.

How digital marketing can help?

Here are a few ways you can tap into digital and online resources to capture attention.

  • Advertise irresistible special offers — take help from healthcare integrated marketing agency to run a huge promotion for your community that they can’t refuse. Advertise your special screening offers on social media or Google search engines for prospective patients. Also, use email campaign to attract existing patients. For examples, run a pocket-friendly vital tests campaign as it can attract maximum footfall. 

  • Email campaigns — not only existing customers but email campaign can be also used to attract new patients. Email the new users about the offers and exclusive facilities you offer. Also, screen them according to their demographic information and email them about the specific tests/medical services that may be of their interest. The best part is many people here do not have a primary healthcare provider and you can use this as an opportunity.

  • Post quality content online— this is the only way to rank higher in google search engine and build trust. Your blogs must answer common questions and health issues. For example, talk about the symptoms, reason and treatment for various diseases. The content should be informative and not selling type. Also maintain a tone of intermediate standards so that average people can read and understand them.

How Grassroots marketing can help?

Even in a digital world, physical marketing has not lost its perks. Here are few tips given by the experts at our healthcare marketing agency. 

  • Join your local communities to build connections and aware people about your clinic. You may mention backlinks to your website, which can be useful for your digital marketing as well.

  • Connect with local communities, schools, universities, and workplaces to offer onsite screenings, tests, and vaccinations. Must comply to the state regulations while scheduling such events. 

  • Do not forget to get connected with residential societies, apartments buildings and housing associations. You may would like to explore opportunities like distributing newsletters or showcasing flyers or giving away welcome kits.

  • Also check for immunisation check in your surrounding as that can help attract a large number of people. 

Need help with increasing patient volume and hospital marketing? Connect with us. Our integrated healthcare marketing agency can help you stand taller among all the other players. Our experts know the right tactics to attract the right and higher volume of patients for your institution. 

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